Origin of the name HKISP

The establishment of society was established in May 2014 by a group of current/retired law enforcement and security personnel with diplomas/degrees in law enforcement and security-related disciplines, who are interested in improving the professional level of the security and security industry. , referred to as ICCAS, the Institute of Civil Care and Security.

As of July 2014, our institute officially changed its name from “Law Enforcement and Security Institute” to Hong Kong Institute of Security Professionals, abbreviated as HKISP. The name of the society comes with a description of its identity: Hong Kong Security Professionals Society.

The reason why the board of directors uses “Hong Kong Security Professionals Institute” as a supplement to the name of our society is that it very appropriately describes HKISP’s philosophy of promoting mutual cooperation in the security industry and promoting technical exchanges within the industry, and it also highlights the security industry. importance to the development of Hong Kong society as a whole.

The purpose is to promote the level of professional knowledge in the security industry and strengthen the communication between the security industry, government departments and the public.

The Hong Kong Security Professionals Association is a registered non-profit making association. Members are mainly composed of law enforcement and security-related diploma/degree graduates and law enforcement and security personnel, of which law enforcement and security-related diploma/degree graduates account for 60% of the membership.

Related disciplines of security science include various places or property security, various security services, law enforcement, national defence, intelligence, counter-terrorism, criminology, criminal psychology, investigation, disaster management, emergency management or risk management and other related disciplines. • Security of various places including properties, schools, docks, borders, airports, stadiums, shopping malls, stations, hotels, exhibition halls, etc.

Security services include security management, physical security and technical support, security guarding, emergency response management or investigation.